What’s Trending in Designer Lawn Dresses Collection 2018

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A new season means new trends. Not only for women but for men as well but mostly for ladies. Pakistani ladies look forward to summer season the most because with every summer comes latest fashion trends and lawn prints. You can easily choose lawn prints from browsing through the extensive range of designer lawn that gets released in summer. But the question here is the style of the dresses. In Pakistan, shalwar kameez is the standard outfit for women but they are always looking for some kind of innovative cut that will make their outfit stand out.

The top designers in Pakistan are largely responsible for the trendsetting. Most Designer brands have launched their Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. Let’s take a look at what’s trending at Maria B Lawn 2018 and Sana Safinaz Lawn 2018. Because they not only give new prints every year but dressing styles as well.


Short length kurtas rose in popularity a few years back. This trend is still continuing with majority of the Designer collection made up of short kurtas. You can safely stitch your new lawn dress in short kurta. This trend is still popular because most of the lawn prints feature striped patterns, zig-zag, block prints and criss-cross impressions. These geometric patterns go well with short length shirts.

Long Shirts

We saw a few long length shirts in the designer lawn dresses collection as well. They were not so frequent but it is safe to say that straight long length kameez will make their comeback very soon. In addition, knee length kurtas are also in vogue this season.

Capri Pants

Almost all the trousers in the latest lawn dresses collection were Capri pants. Like short kurtas, Capri pants trended recently so much that kurta and Capri pants are like a set. However, there was a variation in the width of the trousers, they border of the Capri pants is wider than it was before. That means pants are mostly straight in equal width. The length can vary based on people’s preference but it is ankle length as usual.

Long and Wide Trousers

Wide trousers were also seen more frequently in the lawn dresses collection 2018. More and more designers featured A-shaped trousers in their collection along with long shirts. This revives the fashion trend of a few years back. Another new trend this season is the silk trousers with embroidered border ends. Trousers with embroidered ends gained popularity in the later half of last year and this will be one of the top dressing style this summer as well.

Contrasting Dupattas

Chiffon dupattas have been leading the fashion trend for a few years now. Even though this trend still stands, a lot of designers added cotton and lawn dupattas in their collection. And all of these dupattas were contrasting in design and color to the shirt. This means that contrasting lawn dupattas are leading the trend this summer but you can still adorn chiffon dupattas without being too out dated.








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